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What will the assessment involve?

You will be asked some questions about your current condition/problem and any other relevant previous medical history will be noted. A thorough examination will be performed and a treatment plan will be made. This will be followed by an effective treatment addressing your problem. An exercise regime will be formulated.

How will I remember my exercise regime?

You will be issued with a personalised exercise programme after your initial assessment. Your physiotherapist will go through this thoroughly with you and then your tailor made programme will be sent by email or post. All online regimes have video demonstrations to show how each exercise should be performed correctly.

How many sessions will I require?

This will depend on your condition. Your physiotherapist will discuss how many treatment sessions you are likely to require at the end of your initial assessment. Our aim is to treat you effectively, within the shortest time possible so that your goals are achieved as quickly as possible.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No. Your doctor or consultant may wish to refer you for physiotherapy but you or a relative/carer can make a referral directly to physiorehab2u.

If you have a complex medical history it may be useful to gain this information from your doctor prior to your assessment.

If you have had a surgical procedure a copy of the operation notes and post operative regime is vital so that an effective course of physiotherapy is prescribed to facilitate your recovery.

I am on the waiting list for NHS treatment. Can you help in the interim?

Yes. We work with both the NHS and private healthcare services and often there is a slight waiting time for NHS provision. We are more than happy to commence your treatment and hand your care over when an NHS appointment becomes available, if you wish to do so. We can also work alongside NHS services if extra sessions are required.

With in-patient hospital stay becoming shorter and patients being discharged from hospital much quicker, we can visit your home soon after your discharge to ensure that you are comfortable, safe and confident with your recovery and rehabilitation programme.

For more information or to book an appointment…

Call: 07976 980 588 or email physiorehab2u@gmail.com

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury or illness. At PhysioRehab2u we treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and provide services for children, adults and the elderly.

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Home visit
Home visit
At PhysioRehab2u we specialise in providing care and falls prevention to elderly patients in the comfort of their home. We provide domiciliary (home) physiotherapy to those living in Cheshire. We cover a 5 mile radius from our Wilmslow clinic.
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Post Surgery
Post surgery
We are experts at treating patients who have undergone surgery. We can facilitate your post operative regime and rehabilitation immediately without the hassle of travelling into clinic and at your convenience.

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Falls prevention
We offer one to one Pilates matwork sessions at our Wilmslow clinic. The APPI Pilates Method aims to develop the deep postural ‘core’ muscles that support the spine to improve body alignment, function, balance, strength and flexibility.

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